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Fancy Nails Tampa Menu


Regular manicure _________$16

Gel Manicure_____________$32

Deluxe manicure _________$22

Manicure Add Ons:

    -Nail Art (Reg)_________$5+

    -Nail Art(Gel)__________$8+

    -Collagen Gloves_______$5

Waxing Services


Eye brows__$8 


Eye brows and lip__$12


Eye brows , lip and chin__$22

Under arms___$20

Legs__$35 and up 

Bikini__$40 and up


Foot massage $45/ 1 hour

                          $25/ 30 mins 

                          $13/15 mins 

                          $7/ 10mins 

Body massage $55/hour

                           $30/ 30 mins

Shoulder massage $25/ 30 mins 

                                  $13/ 15 mins 

                                    $9/ 10mins



Regular pedicure    ___________$27

Deluxe pedicure _____________$42 

Volcano pedicure ____________$52 

Fancy pedicure ______________$34 

Pedicure Add Ons:

    -Gel Polish____________$15

    -Hot Stones___________$5

    -Nail Art (Reg)_________$5+

    -Nail Art(Gel)__________$8+

    -Collagen Socks_______$5



Regular full set _______$27+

Gel full set ___________$42+

Pink & white set _______$47+

Ombre set____________$47+

Acrylic Add Ons:

   -Nail shape _________$5

   -Nail fix (per nail) _____$3

   -Nail length _________$5+

   -Take off ___________$10+ 

Acrylic Refills:

   -Regular ___________$20+

   -Gel _______________$34+

   -Pink & White ________$42+

   -Pink fill with gel top ___$24 

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